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The Art Of Male Beauty?

Or maybe the beauty of male art……..whichever, the saying is specially true related to the human form that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’!

While there are internationally recognized parameters and attributes attached to judging what or who is beautiful or cute or sexy or appealing or a perfect male Adonis, it is so subjective that 10 different experts may have the 10 best males rated in a totally different order!

Male beauty in History
Even before the period of the Olympics and the Greek worship of the ideal human athletic form, there were many older civilizations that recognized and worshipped the perfect male form including the Egyptians and Arabic countries. One could argue that while today female beauty is more universal and talked about, it was not always so and the perfect human form recognized by all as beautiful and appealing is the male species. We only need to look at art, sports and athletics to appreciate this still today.

How do we see the naked male body?
Studies have also shown that when watching love making between a man and a woman the majority of the viewers (male and female, straight and gay) focus on the man and even straight men find the male actions often as appealing  and stimulating as the female.

Male beauty In Art
Unless attached to artistic beauty in art and sculpture, most men are afraid to talk of the universal appeal of the perfect male form for fear of being considered gay. Many admire other athletic young males either secretly or as something they do not understand denying their feelings of being stimulated by the visual appeal of the male form. Think of Michelangelo’s famous monumental sculpture of ‘David” in Florence and how mind blowing it was when first revealed as so naturalistic, realistic and human in its representation of the young male form. Also notice how even today in our liberated world, many young viewers are embarrassed to walk around it and look up the body from all the various angles!

Male beauty Admirers are not always Gay
While there are many sites dealing with Bodybuilding, Fitness, Muscle Building and Sports, that are not gay related or of specific gay interest, many internet sites and articles assume that if the content is of the male nude or semi nude that the audience is per se gay. While many sites cater to gays and go beyond the bodybuilding and fitness sites by talking about muscle models, sexy muscle men, cute muscle boys, sexy hunks, there is often a thin line between what is considered gay interest or porn and normal or sports interest. I appreciate that there are many obvious and blatant gay porn sites and members adult sites, but I am not now talking about these.

When talking of male art, the male nude, the perfect Adonis, the male sports physique, male musculature, male fitness, male models, beautiful boys, athletic young men etc., we do not need to mention the word ‘gay’ or assume this can only appeal to ‘gays’!  But the moment we use words like the following a totally different and gay erotic attachment is made – erotic male art, sexy male hunks, hunk art, sexy guys in art, young boys, gym hunks, hot muscle men, handsome hunks naked etc..

Gay Art As A GIFT?
Considering all the above we can now consider Male art or Art of the Male or a Portrait of a Man as having a wide appeal to both sexes! Consider what a great gift a drawing or painting of a man can make! Here are some examples to get you thinking (whether you are gay or not!):

1. Portrait of a beautiful cute young man.
This is the most universal and can be given to anyone.

2. Half portrait of the above with no shirt showing perfect musculature.
While this has more gay interest it can also be universally appealing and make a great gift to a girl or boyfriend, family member or the person themselves of course. It may also be of interest as an iconic representation of the male form and beauty and be bought by someone who does not know the sitter.

3. An artistic full nude of an athletic young male.
The above also applies to this but it would have more obvious and wide ranging appeal to a gay viewer/buyer.

4. An erotic full nude of a muscular young male posing.
Without having an obvious sexual or porn appeal this would be the most likely to be seen as exclusively gay interest art or a specific commission done for a partner (male or female).


 Narciss with the Peacock. 2008. Watercolour. Mixed Medium


Akon. Pencil Portrait. 2008

Portrait of a Slovak Boy. 2006. Watercolor on Art Paper

Portrait of a Slovak Boy

David Beckham. Pencil Stylized Portrait. 2007

The Loving Couple in the Dark. Oil on Canvas. 500 x 500 mm (2009)


Ben Affleck. Pastel Portrait. 2007

Couple on the beach. Pencil Full Figure Nude Portrait. 2008


Portrait of a Boy. 2000 Watercolor. 210 x 297 mm.

Couple In Dark

Couple in The Dark. Oil on Canvas. 500 x 500 mm 2009

Czech Beauty by Damyan

Czech Beauty. Pencil, Watercolor. 297 x 420 mm. 2009


Damyan’s Autoportrait. 220 x 297 mm 2001

YoungManOnThe Beach

Youn Man on the Beach. 297 x 500 mm. Pencil on Tinted paper. 2008

Brad Pitt. Black and White Ink Portrait. 2007

Dima Bilan. The Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Gouache, Watercolor portrait. 2007

James Blunt. Gouache, Watercolor, Pencil portrait. 2006

Brent Everett – Nude Portrait. Pencil, Watercolor, (297 x 420 mm) 2009


Jiri. Friend’s Portrait. Pencil and Watercolor. 2008

Justin Timberlake. pencil and Watercolour portrait. 2007

Marian. Friend’s Portrait. Watercolour.  2008

Marian. Friend’s Portrait. 2008

Academic Male Nude. 2004

Orlando Bloom. Black Ink and pencil Portrait with Decorative surround. Lord Of The Rings Theme. 2007

Roman. Pencil Portrait. 2001

Ronan Keating. Watercolor Portrait. 2007

Tom Cruise. The Hollywood Legend. Pastel Portrait. 2007

12 Year old Leonardo Dicaprio. Pencil Portrait in Old Renaissanse Style. 2007


Valeriu. Black Ink Portrait in Old Style. 2001

Will Chalker Portrait in Watercolor. 2007

Chris Martin Pencil Portrait. Coldplay Frontman. 2007

Accent. Romanian Boys Band. Pencil Portrait Drawing. 2007


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