FILM FEATURE:”Echte Kerle / Regular Guys” 1996 (Germany)

10 04 2011

Echte Kerle / Regular Guys (1996)

Runtime:…………100 min
Language:………..German, Russian (a few words)
Subtitles:……….ENG, ESP, POR
Genres:………….Comedy, Crime, Romance
Released:………..30 May 1996 (USA)
Director:………..Rolf Silber
Writers:…………Rolf Silber, Rudolf Bergmann
Stars:…………..Christoph M. Ohrt, Carin C. Tietze and Tim Bergmann
Also Known As:……Regular Guys (Australia)
                    A veces es difícil ser un hombre (Spain)
                    Peccato che sia maschio (Italy)
                    Perheen piirissä (Finland)
Filming Locations:..Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
More details:…….

Brief Storyline:

Christoph, cop and self-confident macho, has trouble with his fiance.
After a long night he wakes up in the arms of Edgar, a good-looking,
gay auto-mechanic. His live gets more and more troublesome after his
girl friend throws him out of their apartment and as last resort
he moves to Edgars place.

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TECHNICAL DETAILS: If you don’t know how to watch the movie with the SUBITITLES – I recommend VLC MEDIA Player. Open the movie file and then in the Top menue pannel choose : VIDEO > Subtitles Track > Open File. Then choose the suitable subtitles.

MOTTO: We live in a very homophobic world full of prejudice and violence against the LGBT community. Let’s change the world, reeducate the world in a good, modern, correct spirit! Let’s explain directly and indirectly to people how important is to respect and treat the LGBT community as equal. Spread the word! Share the movie with your straight and gay friends.
A picture says a 1000 words. A Movie – says a Million words.

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