Percentage of Gay & Bisexual Men in Germany & World. Comparative Statistics

17 01 2012

Textual version:

SCARED, FRUSTRATED, INHIBITED, NEGLECTED, COWARDLY GAY MEN that let the society & people around them influence & decide their sexual, personal life & future. A small comparative statistical example revealing the present day reality.

  1. Psychological, Statistical & Urbanistic Data
  2. Most international sex therapists & psychologists have concluded that HALF of global population (which is around people) are BISEXUAL or have, had or may have “GAY FEELINGS”.
  3. We are not considering Mr. Sigmund Freud’s (one of the leading psychotherapists & theoricians the World has ever known) theory that all people are biologically BISEXUAL from the very birth, through the puberty process and on.
  4. 7,5 % of all people in the world are predominantly GAY (from which half are MEN – 3,75%). That makes about 262.500.000 gay men that live on Earth at the moment.
  5. Germany’s total population: >82.000.000 people. Count of Gay men & boys in Germany: 3.075.000 people.
  6. The prime free gay dating website in Europe (also most visitied at the moment (January 2012) gay dating website in absolute figures in the world. It counts around 1 million 300 thousand active members, and more than 150.000 daily visitors average) has only 372.000 registered users in Germany. That is less than 28,5% of all gay men between 16-60 y.o who have daily access to internet & are interested in gay dating.
  7. From the total of 3.075.000 gay men – we minus
  • -25% are pensioners (above 60),
  • -10% are coupled gay men that do not look for another partner,
  • -10% gay men that refrained from gay dating of any kind & gave up on their sexual or family life.
  • we arrive at the figure of 55% of gay men in Germany between ages 16-60, interested in gay dating.

8.-  55% comprises 1.691.250 gay men in Germany (internet penertation in Germany is 77% (2011)) from which 1.302.262 gay men in Germany have daily internet access. (doesn’t mean they use it, just facilitate it).

9.  A Deductive Question: Where are the other 71,5% (>931.000 people) of gay men between the ages 16-60 in Germany, with daily internet access & interested in gay dating?

*Note: Visitors & tourists in Germany are counted (included in the count) as the average number of absent German citizens is roughly equally compensated by the amount of foreigners present in the country with permanent & temporary residences.

  • PLANETROMEO.COM (Non-gay, neutral interface has all data from
  • GAYROMEO.COM (Main version of the website but hass all the Users, Escorts & Clubs data from Planetromeo)


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