James Guardino – Sporty, Muscular, Fit, Hunky Underwear Fashion Male model!

19 08 2009

Enjoy the Gallery!

Standard Guided Tours Vs Gay Tours in Prague!

18 08 2009


PRAGUE is a beautiful and historic city located in the heart of Central Europe with an easy-going yet organized approach to it’s many visitors.

Like many European cities Prague has the typical selection of packaged tours, city breaks, Prague city guides, distractions (now you can rent electric bikes that you stand on as well as vintage cars, horse and carriage etc.) and 100’s of souvenir shops and fast food stands.

This is an inevitable result of mass tourism and modern adaptation to what the tourist business believes most visitors want. But there is another timeless and non changing need that has been possibly forgotten or diminished in this rush to attract an undemanding larger group of tourists seemingly happy with unchallenging visits, standard tours and excursions. The need to surprise, challenge and keep the visitor’s interest alive by engaging them with interesting stories, showing them unique details of Prague’s architecture and facilities that are usually passed by unnoticed, going down the small side streets away from the main Prague tourist routes etc..

Many visitors prefer a small personalized company with friendly and flexible guides that cater to their needs, programme and budget giving them CHOICE, VARIOUS OPTIONS and the freedom to choose the visits and itineraries that match their interests and thirst for knowledge.

GAY TOURS PRAGUE offers you the more standard HIGHLIGHTS TOURS for half and full days giving you the overview of Prague’s main monuments and history BUT for those who have longer or already have visited the main sights of the city we offer a TOP 100 list of not only cultural and historic places of Prague but also restaurants, sports and entertainment venues and clubs – personally selected by us. This allows you to also mix and match and make up the ideal itinerary of visits and activities that better suit YOUR interests and needs.

We also have theme tours such as: Prague’s Art Nouveau buildings. Historic and unusual Prague cafe tour. Prague cemeteries (with excellent Ghost Tours at night!) Prague’s Monasteries. THE TOUR IS OVER SO WHAT NOW? Many tourists also need help and advice or useful tips in the best places to eat that suit their tastes and budget, the clubs and bars that would appeal to them, sports and entertainment venues and distractions etc. Once the tour is over they may want assistance (or just good interesting company) in finding, visiting and enjoying other attractions of this wonderful city. Our guides can not only help and advise you but also join you and make you feel at home whether you are travelling alone or in a small group.

By the way : Prague with its amazing artistic heritage, full of astounding architecture, sculptures, fine art, museums crowded with rare masterpieces has a lot of hidden male art. Damien has a list of about 30 (thirty) male beauty sculputures that he can guide you to and show you in Prague! Amazing, but a fact, that Prague, unlike many other european cities has quite many male figures either as sculptures in interiors or on the facades of public and private buildings, probably a result of many admirers of Male Art and Beauty of the Male Body. Some Examples of homoerotic sculptures in the City of Prague:

A MIRACLE of Modern Sculpture: The 2 Pissing Men (Artist David Cerny) in front of the Franz Kafka Museum in Prague. You can send SMS-es to a certain telephone number with the texts you want the Men to write with the streams tht fall into the Czech Republic State shaped fountain shape. 


P.S: Wanna look inside a Sculpture A..s ? A truely untraditional Sculptural-Video installation stands at Futura gallery in Prague. Inside the sculpture is a video of two politicians feeding each other slop to the song ‘We are the Champions’, but you have to stick your head in the ass to see it …

Gay Tours in Prague by Damien! An Exciting Journey in Bohemia!

5 08 2009

DamyanGuide PragueI would like to WELCOME all ages, persuasions and nationalities to my site offering a variety of interesting services!

My name is Damien, I’m a young tour guide in Prague for indiviuals or small groups. I am also an artist and designer and part-time DJ (see my links to other blogs and sites).

Are you Tired of being ripped off by taxi fares, tourist restaurants with average food at high prices, commercial clubs charging crazy drinks prices?…

SAVE money and enjoy the unusual non touristy experiences and places by using the friendly services of a local tour organiser – DAMIEN!

Looking for a beautiful, historic, liberal and reasonably priced central European city to visit and enjoy? Look no further….come to Prague and I will show you some of the less well-known places of interest, museums, clubs and restaurants. Prague is easy to walk around but also has an excellent tram system and even a metro if speed is your priority.

Czech Republic is one of the most liberal countries in European Union and has a very laid-back attitude for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. The gay scene in Prague is well developed and offers a variety of services and facilities!

I’m sure you would love to walk around the historical Old Town district, taste Original Czech Food, enjoy the famous golden czech beer, see the unforgettable sites of the Prague Castle and The Charles Bridge, gaze at colourful sunsets over the river. Allow me to help you discover the authentic spirit of Czech and European Culture in it’s numerous Museums, Exhibitions, Fairs, Concerts. That’s just the daytime……at night I can show you the best value or quality (depending on your budget) restaurants to suit your taste, meet some locals in the friendly bars or even dance the night away in a straight or gay friendly dicso/club!

Check out here some of the Prague Places of Interest and Views in my: GALLERY

I want to share with you my passion and love of this marvellous city and take you to some places that you may have missed. I’ve done a wide cultural, artistic and service research and I’ve cristalized TOP 100 Prague Places of Interest you should not miss! I can also suggest:

  • – the most suitable Hotels, Pensions and Apartments
  • – guide you to interesting non-touristy areas
  • – book the best restaurants in Prague to suit your taste and budget
  • – introduce you to the local Gay Bars, Saunas, Clubs, Discos and Shops

My flexible schedule and friendly attitude offers the best services to suit your needs and time frame. You can use my services by the hour, day etc. according to your preferences.


Dependent on exact services required and number of persons but as a guideline from  500 Kc per hour (Euros.20-). Special rates for small groups, advanced administration and bookings assistance, longer tours.

Contact: check on the website: GaytoursPrague.Wordpress.Com