Petr Prielozny – Czech Muscle Hunk & Trainer in New York

30 11 2012

The hunk of the month of December 2012 is Petr Prielozny. Oh, these Bohemian & Czech sexy guys, you just can’t get enough of them, can you? These mischievous face expressions, fierce, piercing & playful eyes, beautiful & strong bodies, bulging irresistible muscles, beautiful proportions, soft & silky skin, masculinity, gratiousness & uncanny charm. These guys are the product of the middle European environment, landscape, flora & fauna, climate, air, earth, sun, local customs & traditions & maybe the Czech beer & dumplings (knedliky) too…? :-D

Petr Prielozny is a natural body builder & a personal fitness trainer at the moment, based in New York (USA).

Petr Prielozny’s stats:

  • Birthday & Birth Place:   20 February 1987, Mseno, Czech Republic
  • Location:    New York City, USA
  • Nationality:    Czech
  • Height:     5′ 11″ / 1.80 m
  • Weight:     220 lbs / 100 kg
  • Shoe:    11
  • Hair colour:     Brown
  • Hair length:      Short
  • Eye colour:      Blue
  • Ethnicity:       Caucasian
  • Skin colour:      Tanned
  • Hobbies: cooking, sleeping, relaxing, watching TV, and studying the anatomy
  • Awords and nominations:  6th place Championship of Bohemia

Petr Prielozny photo gallery.

The pictures include shots between 2006-2012. DOWNLOAD the entire gallery in one folder with one click HERE.

FEEL FREE TO COMMENT & express your personal thoughts, opinions & tastes; your wishes & suggestions. :-)


25 03 2012

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PERFECT MALE BODIES; an example to strive for

21 04 2011

Take a look at this extremely seductive underwear fashion show :  DKNY & UNICO male underwear. Notice that the models are not just perfectly muscled/shaped  and great in motion, but also are extremely beautiful types! Some european / american / caucasian guys with hot Latinos. Comment if you particularily like any of them.

FEATURED FILM: “Christopher And His Kind – A Lovestory in Berlin” 2010 (UK)

4 03 2011

Release Date:…19 March 2011 (UK)
Also Known As:..Christopher et Heinz, Christopher und Heinz – Eine Liebe in Berlin
Runtime:…..…1 h : 29 min
Director: Geoffrey Sax
Stars:Matt Smith, Imogen Poots, Alexander Doetsch, Lindsay Duncan

Synopsis: The wonderfully witty screenplay smartly focuses on the Isherwoods’ first travels to Berlin in 1931 and 1933, where both the romanticised sexual freedoms and the threat of fascism are seamlessly integrated into this snapshot of the inter-war years. Told retrospectively from an aging Isherwood, the film begins with the barely-published author taking the train to Berlin, at the urging of friend, WH Auden.

FREE Download full movie with ENGLISH subtitles:


1 02 2011

Enjoy the slideshow-portfolio in DVD-HD quality of the fitness/muscle model of German/Danish origin PETER GAETH (Wisconsin, USA). A real aryan type man :)

James Guardino – Sporty, Muscular, Fit, Hunky Underwear Fashion Male model!

19 08 2009

Enjoy the Gallery!

Beautiful Naked Czech Hunk : Jakub Stefano!

28 01 2009

Enjoy the rare pictures of Jakub Stefano,  a  great looking sexy czech guy…. Muscled Young Man






Do You Like Beautiful, Cute, Sexy, Hunky, Muscular, or Thin Guys?

29 10 2008

Male Beauty Today

We are in an age of ever-wider personal choice and freedom and tolerance but one thing is still true – Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. We are also in an age when male beauty and sexuality is much more appreciated and to the fore. Did you know that 50 years ago just 5% of males appeared partly naked in ads or magazines. Today it is over 50%. Beauty and sexiness are no longer the sole domain of the female species.


Concerns about Beauty

Another big difference is the realization that male beauty and nudity can appeal and be enjoyed as much by the male (not just gay) as the female! It is not considered strange or gay to admire or look at a male model as it was 30 years ago. After all the male species can wear jewellery, be pierced, buy many beauty products and spend longer in front of the mirror than their female partners….without being seen to exhibit gay behaviour.


Masculine Beauty Perceiving

All these changes have affected our view of the attractive young male and changed behaviour, perception and life styles, but some things are timeless and have never changed:


  1. Many still find men in underwear or swim gear more appealing and sexy than nude.
  2. Often the build up and slow undressing of a male stripper is more exciting and sexy than actually seeing him in all his glory at the end of the show!
  3. There can be more sex appeal and beauty in a young face than all the rest of the body.
  4. The face usually allows you to judge how the body will look and if you will like it as much as the face!

 How To Find A Nice Boy, Man?

Since the ever more pervasive use of the internet to make new contacts, chat and organize encounters or possible future relationships, there has been a lot less privacy and intimacy when talking about a person’s sex life or habits or appeal. How many times do we see the following:


  1. Anyone contacting me must be under 25, sporty, enjoy clubs and music, intelligent, cute etc….in other words an ever more demanding group of internet surfers with profiles and in chat rooms making longer shopping lists to narrow down their interest before agreeing to meet!
  2. How often do we see profiles that bear no resemblance to the person when you meet them or even others who use false ages or photos to attract interest. The internet is a faceless arena where it is easy to falsify and fantasise or exaggerate information and details.
  3. What really depresses me is men appearing in chat rooms or on live cams and their first questions are not what do you like to do, where do you live etc……but are you top, do you like leather, how big is your………you know what I mean. Like looking at a menu in a café before making your choice only here we are dealing with humans!! It can be a very false and dangerous way of making friends or future partners!

 Internet Profiles Vs Real Life Meetings

We need to get back to MEETING and CHATTING and SHARING experiences with possible friends or partners FACE TO FACE in the real world…..only then can we appreciate also a person’s personality, intellectual appeal, traits and real emotional life. Many make the mistake of trying to over filter possible contacts for meeting before agreeing and losing out on meeting many interesting people just because they are a bit too old or do not like the same kind of music or look a bit hairy etc.


Use the internet to help you make contact with others but try to meet them sooner rather than later and then do the filtering as meeting is still the best way to judge if they will be good future friends, possible partner in life or business, passing acquaintance or someone you will meet just once! Happy hunting!

Naked David Beckham?? Part 2 of 2

20 10 2008

Nicholas Lemons! Who’s that Male Model Hunk? Part 4 of 4

20 10 2008

Naked David Beckham? Woooow!

6 10 2008

Good Afternoon to all true admirers of male beauty! this time Im posting the David Beckham’s intimate portfolio! Enjoy it :) more sexy hunks to come , and naked celebrities!

Nicholas Lemons the Living Male Beauty! Part 3 of 4

30 09 2008


Nicholas Lemons, A Beautiful Stranger! Part 2 of 4

26 09 2008

Enjoy the second part of my collection of that beautiful male model!

SEDUCTIVE Fernando Casarin! A Real Hispanic Heartbreaker!

23 09 2008

Sexy John Strand! A Real Hunk!

19 09 2008


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